Greg Moore

Greg Moore

Chief Executive Officer

Prior to founding Akeso, Greg founded Harbor Health Systems in 2001 with the core mission to maximize the impact of top doctors to expedite treatment, recovery and return to work for injured employees. Harbor grew to be the leading provider of provider benchmarking tools and outcomes-based networks for workers’ compensation,

We are bringing together experts from all sides of workers comp and casualty insurance to build an organization that is truly different

Harbor was bought by One Call Care Management Systems in 2012, where Greg remained as the President of Harbor Health Systems until he was promoted to the SVP of Innovation for One Call Care Management enterprise. By the time Greg left, Harbor provided the outcomes-based MPN networks that delivered care to roughly 30% of all injured workers in California, as well as supporting the largest national outcomes-based network solution, with clients like Sedgwick, California State Fund, and Kaiser.


After leaving One Call in 2016, Greg helped form and lead CLARA analytics, a leading AI company based in Silicon Valley that leveraged machine learning models to measure occupational medicine, specialty medicine, and workers’ compensation claims performance. These solutions are currently in use at insurance companies like Employers, MEMIC, and Selective Insurance.


Prior to founding Harbor, Greg’s experience includes IT consulting and program leadership in health  care, commercial products development and management in an aerospace company, and service in the US Marine Corps where he is a decorated veteran of the first Gulf War.


Greg holds a Master’s in Public Health from UCLA, and a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Rochester. He was awarded an NIH grant in 2004 related to the National Library of Medicine’s efforts to connect appropriate local resources to taxonomy-based searches. He has been published in the areas of quality outcomes application to medical networks, including writing the chapter on practical application of outcomes- based networks for the book, Current Perspectives in Clinical Treatment & Management in Workers’ Compensation Cases, edited by Dr. C.E. Stout.