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Akeso Medical Holdings Is Looking for a Few Good Workers’ Compensation Doctors

New Care Model Supports Growth of High-Performing Clinics and Ease of Use for Patients, Payors

(Irvine, California – March 23, 2020) – Akeso Medical Holdings is joining forces with the best doctors in workers’ compensation to bring better medical care to America’s injured workers.

“Physicians with outstanding results in treating workers’ compensation patients are the key to improving outcomes, lowering costs and delivering patient-centered care,” said Greg Moore, CEO of Akeso Medical Holdings. “These physicians and clinics can benefit from economies of scale, customized integrated technology and data and connectivity that makes treatment easier and faster for patients and payors. That is why we are collaborating with the highest-performing occupational health physicians to expand their practices and offer payors and employers a market alternative that is focused solely on efficiency and better patient outcomes.”

“Our group saw that the recent merger of the largest occupational health groups has resulted in service level problems and that the remainder of the market is highly fragmented,” said Kunal Kain, Chairman of the Board of Akeso Medical Holdings. “Employers and employees are frustrated with longer wait times and higher workers’ compensation costs but have no viable second option for care. This situation created a unique investment opportunity to combine our resources at Kain Capital with Greg’s vision of an integrated, outcomes-driven occupational medicine group.” 

Moore is a pioneer in benchmarking physicians’ performance in the complex world of workers’ compensation. As the founder and President of Harbor Health Systems, now owned by One Call Care Management, he and his team built a proprietary scoring algorithm to determine which physicians were most adept at treating injured workers. They brought these high performers into Medical Provider Networks that presented innovations such as telehealth, predictive analytics and the ability to produce measurable superior outcomes. As a collaborator with both providers and employers, Moore envisioned a way to bridge the divide between all stakeholders – including patients – in a seamless solution that enables physicians to do their best work in patient care and removes the friction in the system.

That vision is now a reality through Akeso Medical Holdings, with occupational health practices providing new options with reliable systems, standardized guidelines for compliant treatment plans and improved communication between the provider and payor on complex claims. 

Akeso Medical Holdings and its clinic partners are now offering services in Southern California, with plans to rapidly expand into other markets. Investors backing the company are led by Kain Capital located in New York (www.kaincap.com). 

About Akeso Medical Holdings

 Akeso Medical Holdings develops occupational medicine clinic groups that improve injured worker outcomes through a focus on the patient and a commitment to better partnerships with the payor. The experts at Akeso Medical believe the key to fixing the workers’ compensation system centers around a dedicated group of physicians committed to the right care, without financial incentives for over-treating injured workers. These highly skilled physicians are backed by a clinical organization that works more closely with the insurance carrier and employer to make sure that the right care is delivered in a more timely manner.

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