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ProCare is your source for return to work screening

Professional medical screening keeps exposure to sick employees to a minimum, boosts employees’ confidence about coming back to work and avoids risk-exposure and non-compliance by employers.

As the COVID-19 pandemic starts to subside, businesses are looking to return to work. The question for many business owners is, “When can my staff return to work and how can they do so as safely as possible?”  

As officials continue to discuss plans to reopen businesses, the Centers for Disease Control recently unveiled new guidelines for bringing workers back. They outline how business owners can determine which staff members are ready to return to work, when, and under what conditions. Their recommendations outline differing scenarios based on the employee’s current or recent past health status with regard to COVID-19. Additionally, the EEOC has now affirmed that employers are permitted to “administer safe and accurate” COVID-19 testing to determine whether employees are currently infected before allowing employees to return to work.

ProCare provides your organization with on-site screening for baseline risk factors related to attending work under the COVID Pandemic Guidelines as provided by the CDC and EEOC, which include taking employee temperatures and implementing a screening questionnaire. We offer several different plans available for employers depending on your needs.

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Daniel Pencak, CPA

Chief Financial Officer and Investor Relations, Akeso Medical Holdings