Core Principles

We drive superior outcomes through better partnerships


Akeso drives better injured worker outcomes through a focus on the patient and a commitment to better partnerships with the payor.

Akeso is building an occupational medical group that is fundamentally different. Our investment group understands the complexities of workers’ compensation and sees true value in the benefits of outcomes driven quality care. We identify high performing doctors with like-minded goals of improving patient care, and bring them together under an organization that has the resources and experience to support quality care.  At the same time,  we reduce the friction that hurts the key constituents in our system: employers, payors, doctors and most importantly, the injured worker.


Payors and employers face new challenges in today’s market. Occupational medicine has become a chaotic field where one player controls a disproportionate share of the market, and the rest of the industry remains fragmented and inefficient. We see a clear need for a new approach: a group that can fill key geographical needs with a reliable solution that also,  drives down costs through an aggressive approach to treating workplace injuries. This model fosters trust between provider and payor with systems that assure clean and accurate bills, guideline compliant treatment plans, and open and direct communications on complex claims. We understand that if we want the system to work better, we as providers must commit to reducing the costs of managing claims and help our partners streamline their operations. 


Workers’ compensation should be about the patient - understanding what is truly needed to maximize medical outcomes and then working together to make sure that care is delivered in a quality setting by doctors who are motivated to get the injured workers back to work. That’s why we are bringing together experts from all sides of workers’ compensation and casualty insurance to build a different  organization  that removes doctor / insurance conflict and builds  the level of trust needed to change how  industry partners to address the needs of injured workers.

Akeso core principles

Care for the
injured worker

The workers’ compensation system is failing injured workers at every turn. We are the frontline and have a responsibility to bring the focus back to caring for the injured worker, above all else. Akeso accomplishes this goal in three ways:


Recruiting and supporting the best clinical team in the industry


Creating a patient support-advocacy team that makes sure the injured worker does not get lost in the system


Leveraging technology-enabled outcome benchmarking to ensure patients remain on track to the best results


Partnerships with payors that work

Only 50% of the costs of workers’ compensation goes to patient care.  This is an opportunity and an imperative  to partner in a different way that reduces total system costs without sacrificing patient care. We create these partnerships by:


Leveraging innovation related to patient-specific risk factors


Reducing system costs with more accurate billing and UR requests  while streamlining approvals to reduce patient stress and administrative costs


Building strong customer service functions dedicated to helping payors manage their claims


Our Mission:

To bring together experts from all sides of workers’ compensation and casualty insurance to build a truly different organization: one that removes  doctor / insurance conflict and builds a new level of trust transforming how we all address the needs of injured workers.

How Akeso is changing the face of occupational health

Patient-centered engagement drives better outcomes

Injured workers can get lost in the often confusing workers’ compensation system. Our advocacy and support extends from our compassionate and caring physicians on through their team to make sure the patient is fully engaged in their recovery and gets the proper care, when thet need it with minimal delays or disruption.

Aggressive adoption of technology streamlines workers compensation

Todays claims operations need better partners in the provider space who can connect seamlessly and reduce delays and waste through better communication. Akeso Medical’s  Q/A solutions for billing and guideline compliance reduce friction in billing and approval processes and delivers timely, appropriate care.

Case management and care coordination keep all constituents aligned

Complex claims often require outside specialists and ancillary services that can be delivered through multiple vendors. As the primary care partner for the injured worker, we take an active role in making sure patients don’t  get lost in the system and are getting what they need to maximize recovery and minimize downtime.