The Akeso model

Akeso – Who Are We?


We are a group of occupational health clinics focused on improving injured worker outcomes by delivering the highest quality of care

How do we do achieve our goal? 


Akeso was founded by leaders in outcome-based medicine who share the mission of bringing together the top physicians in the industry.


Through partnering with the top performing practitioners, we can introduce streamlined operational improvements to enhance patient outcomes. This is the Akeso difference. We raise the bar for treatment for every injured worker.


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Process Efficiency

Smaller clinics have to overcome significant obstacles to succeed in a competitive environment. We have the resources and backing to invest in better IT platforms and proprietary solutions that reduce the overhead of clinics and streamline the process for managing claims and approvals.

Aquisition Growth

Our private equity partners have created a fund with the power and backing to drive aggressive growth. We have the means to acquire top practices and build new clinics from the ground up to achieve the scale and coverage needed to be a meaningful partner to large  payors.

Organic Growth

We bring together clinics that have strong community ties. When several like minded clinics combine, their reach extends to neighboring communities and they become part of larger regional/national relationships that increases patient traffic and improves topline growth.



Centralizing key functions related to authorization approvals and resolving billing issues has an immediate impact on clinic profitability which allows the doctors and clinic staff to focus on patient care and delivery of quality medicine instead of focusing on operational issues.

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