Joining our family of clinics

Are you interested in partnering with Akeso?


We are always seeking occupational medicine partners who have the same priorities – quality patient care and  building trust with payors.

What is Akeso’s Goal?

Help top performing providers continue to grow and improve their clinics by implementing best-in-class practices and expanding geographic reach.

Who Are Our Typical Partners?
What Do You Mean By “Partner”?
How Much Will Akeso Pay For My Clinic?

What Does The Process Look Like?

Non Disclosure Agreement


We will send you a mutual non-disclosure agreement, which will be signed by both parties. This protects everyone from disclosing confidential information.

Basic Clinic Information


We will review an initial round of basic clinic information (volume census, financials, lease terms…etc) to help us understand more about your business, and allow us to form a preliminary view on valuation.

Letter of Intent


We will draft a letter of intent, which will outline a valuation, pending further diligence. This is a non-binding agreement.


Due Dilligence


Once an LOI is signed, we will perform further diligence into the business from a financial, operational, legal, and compliance risk standpoint.

Purchase Agreement


Once due diligence is completed, legal documents will be drafted for you and your lawyer’s review.



Once legal documents are signed and funds are exchanged the transaction is closed. Congratulations! You are now a part of the Akeso family.

Find out more...

Let's start a discussion! Tell us more about your practice and we will review and then contact you for a no obligation, private conversation. On our initial call,  we will discuss your goals in selling your practice and how joining our family of clinics will benefit you and your partners, as well as your patients, clients and the future legacy of your practice.


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